STARCO is now KENDA Europe Specialty

Research & Development

Rethinking your mobility

With unparalleled technical know-how and a dedicated European Technical Centre, we can push the boundaries of mobility and turn your challenges into tires and wheels.

Our technical capabilities enable us to help rethink your tire and wheel solutions in terms of value, functionality, environment and application. By truly understanding your needs, strive to add value through rethinking the use of materials. Our goal is always worry-free solutions with low maintenance and ensured technical and legislative compliance.

The KENDA Europe Technical Centre

The KENDA Europe Technical Centre was established in Germany in 2016 and now employs 20+ dedicated engineers. We also have R&D hubs in Croatia and England strategically located in relation to our European manufacturing sites. That way product development, testing and manufacturing always go hand in hand.

The KETC develops products and solutions with European requirements and preferences at the forefront and our efforts are supported by a global team of 250+ people dedicated to R&D at KENDA’s technical centres in the US and Taiwan.


Advanced computer simulations
(e.g. tire wear, composite structure)

Finite Element Analysis automation tool development

Materials research
(e.g. steel deformation, polyurethane formulation, rubber sustainability)


Tire and wheel design
(including Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)

Digital design simulations
(Finite Element Analysis, footprint and aquaplaning predictions, noise and weight optimisation)


Outdoor on-vehicle tests

Indoor laboratory testing
(e.g. Tire footprint analysis, Tire stiffness tests, Wheel Cornering Fatigue tests,
Radial Fatigue testing, Tire Endurance testing)

Compliance and documentation

Legal and technical compliance
(e.g. REACH, sustainability, emmissions and performance requirements)

Technical documentation
(certificates, drawings, tables)

Part of the global KENDA force