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KENDA Europe

Clever tire and wheel solutions

We are proud to develop, manufacture and deliver clever tire and wheel solutions for a range of applications within Agriculture, Trailer & Caravan and Outdoor & Utility. To us, clever means always considering use, cost, quality and supply – from the smallest wheelbarrow or trailer to heavy agricultural implements or industrial machines. 

We cherish our long-lasting partnerships with original equipment manufacturers and go to great lengths to help you release your potential. By truly understanding your needs, we deliver value beyond the tire or wheel.

Rethinking your mobility

With unparalleled technical know-how and a dedicated European Technical Centre, we can push the boundaries of mobility and turn your challenges into tires and wheels.

By truly understanding your needs, our experts re-design and develop clever solutions and continuously strive to add value through rethinking the use of materials. 

Our goal is always worry-free solutions with low maintenance and ensured technical and legislative compliance.

Research & Development

More than a manufacturer

With local customer care and warehouse and fitting facilities across Europe, we seek to support you on every step of your journey and deliver the right products, at the right time. 

Whether you need high or low volume, standard or bespoke solutions, we can tailor the solution to your needs. 

Having our own manufacturing and distribution set-up and strategically partnering with other tire brands gives us the flexibility to meet you where you are and follow you where you are going.

Customer care


Fitting & distribution

Aftermarket: 360 degree support

In order to support your business all the way, we make our products available in the Aftermarket for strategically selected areas. With distribution centres all over Europe, we strive to provide quick and flexible deliveries when you need them. 

We make sure you always get the right products by having local customer care teams ready to advise you with a high level of technical know-how. We also use our understanding of the markets you are in to provide marketing support.



United Kingdom

Part of the KENDA force

KENDA was founded in Taiwan in 1962 and is now one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers operating across Asia, the US and Europe. Powered by a passion for mobility, we design and manufacture tires for your journey. We continuously work to ensure progression and to keep the world moving on tires and wheels that are fit for life. With more than 14.000 employees, 8 tire factories, 6 wheel factories, 4 technical centres and a global network of operation and distribution sites, we are proud to be a reliable partner for our customers.

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