STARCO is now KENDA Europe Specialty

KENDA Europe Specialty

Tire and wheel expertise since 1961

At KENDA Europe Specialty, we use our more than 60 years of experience to develop, manufacture and deliver clever tire and wheel solutions.

KENDA Europe Specialty has its origins as STARCO – a manufacturer and supplier of tire and wheel solutions founded in Denmark in 1961. In 2017, STARCO became part of the KENDA Group and effective June 2024, it was fully incorporated into KENDA Europe as a Specialty business unit.

As KENDA Europe Specialty, we continue to use our unparalleled technical know-how and industry expertise to deliver clever tire and wheel solutions across Europe.

We are experts in tire and wheel solutions within

Quality and precision

With our own factories located in England, Croatia, and China, we ensure the highest quality and precision in every product. 

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities include both steel wheels, plastic wheels and PU tires, allowing us to maintain strict quality control and swift production times. Whether you need high or low volume, standard or bespoke solutions, we can tailor the solution to your needs. 

Our European manufacturing set-up is supported by KENDA’s eight tire factories globally and strategic sourcing partnerships with other trusted tire manufacturers. 

Flexibility and efficiency

With seven strategically located fitting and distribution sites we can simplify and integrate your supply chains efficiently. To optimise this integration and help you make the most of your business, we provide just-in-time delivery. 

Our unique fitting setup allows us to deliver complete tire and wheel solutions, often directly to OEM assembly lines, enhancing the efficiency of your operation. 

Our Fitting & Distribution centres in the England, Germany and Poland are all ISO 9001 certified and we take pride in our quality standards.

Support and advice

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our customers. From the initial contact to ongoing support, we are with you every step of the way.

Whatever you need, our friendly teams are always ready to advise you with a high level of technical expertise and industry know-how.

A collaborative approach across our Technical, Sales and Customer Care teams ensures that you receive the best possible service and support, helping you achieve your goals.

Expertise and imagination

With unparalleled technical know-how and a dedicated European Technical Centre, we can push the boundaries of mobility and turn your challenges into tires and wheels.

By truly understanding your needs, our experts redesign and develop clever solutions and continuously strive to add value through rethinking the use of materials. Whatever you need to achieve your goals, we are here to keep you moving.

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