STARCO is now KENDA Europe Specialty


Agricultural Implements

The KENDA K357 agricultural bar tread tires were designed for heavy duty applications. Perfect for when you need extra traction and bite in hard or soft terrain.
The KENDA K401H is a hybrid tire, combining the robust features of a turf tire with excellent performance for grassland equipment, such as a hay tedder.
The STARCO RIB boasts a strong carcass with an improved profile for reliability and a wide footprint. The design has a high self-cleaning ability, keeping the tyre rolling under any condition in the field. Designed to meet the required speed from modern tractors.
The STARCO AW offers OEM standards of reliability and life-span, combined with excellent value for money. The tread compound has been selected to provide a longer life on both soft and hard surfaces.
The STARCO HT Pro is a high-quality complete wheel concept for hay tedders allowing for better performance, easier maintenance and improved reliability in the field.
The STARCO HT+ is a premium hay tedder tire and wheel solution perfect for semi-road transport and soft ground in the field. Suitable for road transportation up to 50 km/h and field transportation up to 20 km/h.
The STARCO HT is a hay tedder tire for the ambitious farmer. Designed to meet the required speed for modern tractors up to 50km/h. 
STARCO HS Flotation
The STARCO HS Flotation is an implement tire especially designed for use at higher speeds. The special tread design and construction allow for a high performance upgrade to existing implements. 
STARCO SG Flotation
The STARCO SG Flotation can be fitted onto most agricultural implements as well as small loaders. Designed for manoeuvrability, stability and reliability at every turn. 
Tianli F304
The Tianli F304 Tianli is a tubeless flotation tire suited for on and off-the-road agricultural service on trailers, tractors and large implements and optimised for towed vehicles.
Tianli FI
The Tianli FI is a tubeless flotation tire with good self-cleaning characteristics for on- and offroad agricultural service on trailers, tractors and large implements. Offers high load capacity at low inflation pressures.
Tianli R100
The Tianli R100 provides excellent traction on uneven ground and high lateral stability due to a reinforced casing construction. Unique wear resistant tread compound for enhanced performance.
Tianli G-K-F
The Tianli G-K-F is a grassking/implement tire suitable for municipality vehicles, two-axle mowers and multipurpose transporters. Excellent ride comfort up to 65 km/h.
Tianli R-KING
The Tianli R-KING is a low pressure, high flotation radial implement tire with a 65 km/h speed rating and a non-directional pattern for good traction.
Tianli FR
The Tianli FR is a flotation radial tire suited for on/off-the-road agricultural service on tractors, trailers and agricultural implements. High load capacity and designed for low rolling resistance and ground compaction.
The Tianli AGRO GRIP is a flotation radial tire especially suited for transport on paved roads. Designed for a fuel-efficient and comfortable ride with up to 65 km/h.


Galaxy Turf Special R3
The Galaxy Turf Special tire is designed with input from golf course superintendents. As a result, the Turf Special has set the standard for flotation and minimized soil disturbance. 
Galaxy Mighty Mow
The Galaxy Mighty Mow is engineered to provide superior flotation characteristics resulting in a turf friendly tire that will not damage grass or roots. The Mighty Mow works exceptionally well on mowers for lawns, golf courses, sports grounds, parks and cemeteries. 
Galaxy Garden Pro
The Galaxy Garden Pro is designed with turf, garden and vineyard friendly tread for low soil compaction and reduced damage. Directional block tread for good performance on the road and longer life.
Petlas TA-110
The Petlas TA-110 boasts a strong radial construction and special rubber compound with a high resistance to wear and cuts. A wide footprint and good self-cleaning ability keeps you moving efficiently.
The STARCO Alptrak's unique tread pattern provides maximum traction on turf and other soft terrain. Especially suited for applications operating on steep slopes.